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27 December 2011 ~ Comments Off on Chapter 6 – Holidays

Chapter 6 – Holidays

The Holidays The Christmas Holidays are a excellent time of year.  Gatherings with family, great meals the fun and games of seeing cousins that you havn’t in a while and the sharing of stories.  We used to play this game at Christmas, a gift exchange, you know when everyone brings one present and you pick […]

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29 November 2011 ~ 30 Comments

Chapter 4 – Adversity

  Adversity Some things are beyond your control and you, me and everyone else out there has to deal with this.  In the game of hockey there are many things you can control (your attitude, work ethic, preparation), but there are many you just don’t get any say in the matter (puck bounces, injuries, penalties). […]

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21 November 2011 ~ 65 Comments

Pro Journal – Adaptation and Compromise

Adaption and Compromise   Compromise is something that any aspiring hockey player has to get used to.  We move, live with different families, with different roommates.  Each coach or GM has different rules that you have to abide by in order to stay on the team.  Each coach and GM expects something a little different […]

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11 November 2011 ~ 96 Comments

Pro Journal – Chapter 2 Stress

Stress…….Stress is a major factor in anyone’s life, Hockey players are not exempt from this.  True, we may not have many of the same worries as most people, yet we face many stresses that most people do not have to worry about.  During the season, while playing pro hockey, most things are taken care of […]

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03 November 2011 ~ 81 Comments

World Travels – Pro Player’s Journal

The following blog will be written by Kyle Bruce, a long time friend and student (his interview is posted on this site). I will upload his stories, pictures and videos from abroad where he is playing in Scotland. The objective of this blog is to provide insight’s into the game internationally from a pro player’s […]

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