EHS Training Studio

The Elite Hockey Training Studio has been around for almost 7 years now, just recently getting a new facelift. Over the past seven years that the studio has been in existence, hundreds of players have graced me with their present and I would like to say thank you to all of the past and present students, that have made the studio possible. Your support and words of recommendation have made this all possible.

The following picture demonstrates the studio set up for the interviews that you see on the player interview page.  The Terra-Cotta warrior was a additional touch for those that know my martial arts background. :)

The studio turns into a shooting center with target tarps and nets specially designed to develop the cognitive skills necessary to become an elite goal scorer. Shown below is the Studio Shooting Tarp where scoring zones are indicated by color.

Shown below is the REACT2 Target Shooting System where players have to react to gates that open and close at high speed, an excellent replication of on ice situations where players have to carry pucks in a neutral shooting position in order to react to goal tender movements.

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