My Mission:

1. To provide a user-friendly online presence that allows players to achieve their goals and objectives in a positive, encouraging and challenging environment.

2. To provide the best training information, tips and technology possible creating an environment that allows for maximal individual growth of each player.

3. To create a healthy learning environment where players of all skill levels and ages can reap the benefits of individual growth and success through the joy of discovery.

4. To present training information in a format that is easy to comprehend, learn and apply therefore creating an environment of self confidence and enhanced motivation.

5. To create an interactive platform where both teachers and students can share information without ego and prejudice thus enriching the learning experience.

6. To broadly promote the philosophy: “Believe and Achieve”.


My Personal Statement:

I truly love the game of hockey. Everything that I have learned about life I can honestly say that hockey in some way has provided invaluable insight in the marvelous workings of my everyday living. Playing hockey is a choice; we can compete the game or just play it. We can stand on the side lines and watch or get involved. Hockey is about truly living the fleeting moments when we are on ice which in reality, is a very short time. Like life, we can engage on an hour to hour basis or sit back and let others around us do the work.

It is not only about over coming the many obstacles put in front of us as individuals but learning how to depend on and trust others to help. We also have to learn how to socially interact with our team mates so that we enrich both our on and off ice ice experience. The diversity of the game and our success at it truly depends our ability to accept change and learn our lessons quickly. We must learn to accept our failures graciously and demonstrate our successes with honor and integrity.

It is a game of balance, speed, skill, strength and quick thinking; a combination of everything that makes us appreciate the human experience and what it takes to be an athlete. All of the grace that the game holds, it makes us realize that in order to be great, we must sacrifice and commit to being better than we thought we could be.

In the end, while the game demands so much from us, in reality it is quite simple; put the puck into the net more often than your opposition. Therefore, when we look at the essence of the game and what provides that pure joy and exuberance, is the act of scoring. I can look back over the many years that I have been both a coach and a player and I can still picture in my mind’s eye, those wondrous moments of scoring.  I can also picture some of those devastating moments when it was my team that was scored against.

Every player that I have ever talked to, can remember that one incredible moment where their goal was like a dream come true. They can still remember that feeling of pure emotion and joy when they, for one moment, were the hero.

Learning the art of scoring is not an easy thing. It takes incredible dedication and commitment to this craft to be truly great. It takes thousands of hours to make it look effortless and become second nature.

If scoring is your true passion, this site is dedicated to bringing out the best in your game. I will endeavor to provide the best training information possible to help you to maximize your potential.

In closing, remember that the journey that you are embarking on takes much effort; “Only prefect practice makes perfect, while practice makes habit”. With great skill comes great responsibility; there is no time for arrogance only humility, you can always be better. There is no time for selfishness since it takes passing to unify a team. There is no room for laziness with a true goal scorer, so many people depend on you. The will to compete and to make a difference for those around you requires sacrifice and effort. In other words, this site is about becoming more than you thought your could be.You are needed, quite making excuses and get the job done.

Yours in hockey,

Ron Johnson



Hockey as such is a simple game;  in order to win, one must score more goals than your opposition!  Sounds easy enough but one of the greatest challenges is overcoming the guardian in the net, the goal tender and the five players that protect him.


However, the journey to become a goal scorer is not. It not only requires many hour of practice

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