Slap Shot

In this section we will discuss the mechanics of the slap shot. The slap shot has many advantages in that the sheer velocity of the shot allows the shooter to maximize scoring opportunities by overpowering a goaltender’s ability to act reflexively. One common misconception is that the slap shot is not a very accurate shot but like any shot, it requires correct mechanics as well as practice to make perfect.

One of the main complaints of the slap shot by players is that they are not able to get the shot away in games. This again is a misconception and is the result of poor loading techniques and bad habits than anything else. As always when discussing shot mechanics we will be analyzing three different areas:

  1. Loading of the shot
  2. Aiming of the shot
  3. Firing of the shot

In order to move forward we must also discuss another misconception in that there is only one kind of slap shot. In reality there are several different kinds of “slapping” shots so to speak:

  1. Conventional cross body (the most common used and is thought of to be the only slap shot)
  2. Inside leg slap shot
  3. The One timer
  4. The “low slap shot”
  5. The “In stride slap shot” or half windup
  6. The slap snap shot
  7. The “Spin 360”


On top of this there are several different ways to load the slap shot:

  1. Forehand push set – off of a stationary or striding action including a backhand to forehand transfer into shot
  2. Forehand sliding hand set – off of a stationary or forehand parallel stride
  3. Backhand Tap set – Slap shot off an offwing or seam sudden stop
  4. Backhand sliding set – Performed off of a lateral cut or crossover
  5. Tip set – Performed off of a backward skating striding.
  6. Spin tap set – natural side tap through feet into 360 spin and shot


Also included in this section will be the following fakes:

  1. Backhand side tap through legs slap shot fake pass
  2. Standard slap shot fake and push out
  3. The cross body slap shot fake
  4. The “spin” fake

Each page will have the associated mechanics relative to shot, as well asĀ  the correct loading and aiming technique.


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